The Crosses

The Egyptian cross
The Egyptian cross or ANKH, consist on a cross tau crowned by a circle. This cross is frequently in the monuments and in the Goddess's representations Sekhet and you consider it to him the "Key of the Life."

You were also named by the Egyptians "the Key of Nile", because you were believed that you were about a magic key that he/she opened the magic gate toward the immortality.

Regarding your form, the circle higher of the same one you represent the woman, and the straight line represents the man. The circle also represents the Divinity, the font of general purpose energy that, with your encouragement, you endow from life and movement to the earthly thing symbolized by the horizontal line. The part that are under the circle has the form of the letter "T" upper case and represent you I want of returning in absolute form to the Spiritual Father's breast.

This cross and indicated to protect the couple against bad spirits and illness. In and of itself, you the debit side to hang up in the room of the sick persons and people with infertility problems. Otherwise, you the debit side to recline on the person's head to cure and to pray. This way he/she will help to heal your wrongs.

The cross of malt
The cross of malt or of the good fortunes, you are not only loaded with the earthly and human power, but rather the eight points of the same one represent the refresh operation, or those named "eight virtues."

This cross was adopted as the emblem of the gentlemans of the Command of the Temper, and your form of four arrow tips pointing to the center, they transform it into a meditation cross, since tipifica the forces and the movement directed toward the interior.

In the antiquity it also represented to the four Assyrian big gods: Anu, Bel or Belo, Ra and Hea.

In and of itself the cross of malt is suitable to protect of the bad companies, of the temptations and of the frivolous elections that drive for the wrong road.

You have always sought advice to take it hung up as I said and to use it as you send it to pray and to meditate. Not also forget that this cross grants anger.

Cruz of Caravaca
This cross is symbol of entirety and of center of the world, but also, to her they are allocated many and big mysteries. Or history dates of a very remote Spanish tradition.

Among the years 1241 and 1246, your devotion arose in a convent of Caravaca, county of Murcia, when two angels brought this cross so that a priest could celebrate the Sacrament in appearance of the Muslims that had it prisoner. After the unification of Spain and the discovery of new lands, Santa Cruz of Caravaca continued being sign of the faith and obradora of miracles inspiring the advance of the Gospel and of the commands you would temper.

All told this, is that this cross is suitable for difficult cases, emergencies, for the prevention of persecutions; as well as you stop psychic attacks and physiques. You are good to hang up it as standard in the entry of the house, balconies, windows or inside the car.

The Celtic cross
This cross was used by the Celtic Christian in the areas of Great Britain and Ireland like symbol of great power, since you come from the fusion of the Christian cross and the pagan circle of the sun that it are represented by the circle. You are then, of a cross in the one that aesthetically the one aligned are conjugated, which attract the stability, and the circle, the one that remit the solar masculine energy that are generating.

For these reasons it is that this cross is indicated so that you protect your possessor in your work and in the tasks that it continue.

You are about a combat cross and you conquer in any environment, and that also, as talisman, it can take it hung up in the neck, or to save it under the pillow or to hang up it in the gate of the house or work.

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