Good-bye to the measures 90 60 90

The perfect silhouette 90-60-90, according to the numbers of the science.
To be able to determine it inclination of parameters, now the scientists started to measure the beauty. The formula falls him/her perfect to Kelly Brook. British, moraine and with many curves
Good-bye to the tyranny of the 90 -60 - 90 The integer doesn't go more. American scientists and the British press were in charge of of finding, respectively, the true measures of the beauty and of finding the body to which are applied to the perfection.

The British newspaper Daily Mirror gives account of the scientific measures of the beautiful bodies, and a brunette spectacular Briton shows the best.

It is about Kelly Brook, famous for some realities and publicities of bikinis in those that it dethrones the extreme scrawniness.

"Brook" has a waist of 60,96 centimeters and hips of 86,36, and such they are the measures indicated by the scientists of the University of Texas like those of the most beautiful bodies.
Thin? No: here the perfect number is the rate that is of the waist and the hips.

If the 60,96 are divided by the 86,36, it will be the golden" "proportion of the desire: 0,70588253. They will measure this way the most beautiful.

This way, they don't interest the contours, neither the sizes, but the relationship among those feminine two body parts, the proportional curve.

The bust is not mentioned the exclusively feminine beauty then, the woman's particularity, is the radio waist-hips.

The more under the number, thinner, but if one has a more Latin body of 80 of waist and 100 of hips, for example, the perfect number is almost same, 0,80.

In this point, the proportion allows the girls not to die in the attempt of the 60-90, but rather to be satisfied with having a figure around the 0,70.

The message is that the important thing is not the size but the proportion; that the feminine biggest and more exclusive patrimony is the curve, that particular balance of contours that not few they adore to scan that inspired forms of chord instruments and he/she gave to the curves its health.

The British press studied the best bodies in its cajolement and he/she gave to know who the queen is. Kelly Brook has the gilded body and for the time being it is of girlfriend with the plaintiff Billy Zane, that made of official" "boyfriend of Kate Winslet in the movie Titanic.

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