Animals that Bring Good Luck, and Bad Luck

Species of animals exist that from the antiquity you had believed is linked to the forces of the good, and others to that of the wrong; allocating them the symbols of good and bad luck respectively. Here there are some examples of it.

The eagle:
The eagle is elevation symbol, you are a spiritual start that are identified with the sun. For example, in the Egyptian hieroglyphics, you represent to the letter TO, the origin, the vital heat, the day. For your relationship with the sun and also for the idea of the masculine activity, you are also identified with the father. For old Syria and the Christianity, era the celestial messenger and the driver of the souls toward the immortality. The power of flying and of rising to sleep and to destroy the inferior thing it is your main symbolism.

The owl:
The owl is a bird that belong to the darkness, and for ende, you are symbol of the wrong. You associate with the night, the cold and the passivity. You bring hidden messages from the darkness, also associated with the death.

The bee:
In the Egyptian hieroglyphics, the bee associates to the Monarchy of the Pharaoh, being symbol of matriarchy, for the queen mother, and you are related with the idea of industry and obedience. All told this, one can say that the bee is symbol of the good.
The snake:
This reptile symbolizes the force of the destruction, for your threatening tongue, the skin change, your aggressiveness to attack and the mortal poison that possess. Symbol of the wrong, in Genesis of the Second Testament, provokes the temptation and Adam's exit and Eva of the Paradise. You also represent the involución and the start of the not well existing one in all environment, since you are a symbol of the pure and ambiguous energy.

The deer:
This nice mammalia, due to the buds of your horns that resemble the paths of the trees, is symbol of positive turnover, of life and of cyclic increment.

The lamb:
This other mammalia is also symbol of the good. You also mean purity, innocence and meekness. In the Bible the "lamb of God" is a fair man and that you possess pure pansies.

The winch:
On the contrary, this animalito in the Middle Ages, to be a night and mysterious animal, was always related with the devil. Also, the Inquisition burned them together with your supposed owners: the witches, since they thought that the winches were the same witches transformed to be able to make your wickedness.

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