Moles on his fingers

While this is rather rare cases it is not impossible that there are spots in the finger. In these cases, the meaning of each varies according to how the moon influences to alter the energy for the planet regent of the finger.

• The thumb is up to Venus and a mole on this place gives an account of an individual for whom the love life is governed by the imagination.

• A mole in the index-finger-of Jupiter reveals a person who can exercise authority without falling into despotism or excesses.

• When the moon is in the middle finger-Saturn-influenced by this is a dangerous sign, as it predicts nervous depression and eventual suicide attempts.

• A mole on the finger of the Sun, that is, cancel, drew great talent for art.

• Finally, if we find a mole on the little finger-ruled by Mercury, indicates that an individual must seek their fortune in distant lands.

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Mia said...

This was helpful. I have been searching their meanings for a while now, glad I found this place.
One of my moles is on top of my left hand's index finger, below the nail but still on top phalange (sp?).My second one is on my right hand's thumb, right smack middle and under the nail(top phalange (sp?)).
I'm no mole expert but I've been very interested since noticing the moles on people I know and me (for one thing I really am interested in having no bad surprises)! =}}