Feminine orgasm - excitation in the woman

In general two orgasm types exist in the woman, and the man will worry about knowing to which your couple responds to know how to behave from an appropriate way to the same one.

The woman of erotic high excitation, possesses an orgasm type that some authors name sustained" "orgasm. In an orgasm of this character, the woman experiences a sensation of stable pleasure more or less stable that uin lasts certain period as if the crisis orgástica arrived to a certain height and you remained there indefinitely always producing a pleasant constant sensation. On the other hand, the woman of erotic low excitabilidad, possesses an orgasm class that call you punctual" "orgasm, because the sensation doesn't persist indefinitely, but rather you reach a summit, a climax, you remain there during a relatively short period and then it ceases abruptly.

All the women, be of the type orgástico that you/they are, they can be capable of more than an orgasm. Anyway, the first case is the strongest and the one that reach a more high summit. The summits of the other orgasms are more and more low until the male can no longer reproduce the sensation.

Finally, the man is who should stop your activity to allow that the sensation gets lost comletamente. Then it provokes it again until the woman requests another interrupt. You continues this way until the orgasm ends and with him the sexual relationship.

Cuiando the man uses additional estñimulos while you carry out the coitus, it usually happens that the flowance orgástica appears constant but with two or more peaks of pleasure. For example, he/she can be kissing your couple in the lips and to decide in a given moment to kiss you the breasts. If you make ésto, the woman you will reach a summit more high orgástica at this time and it can remain in that new height while that continues kissing you that field, falling at the previous level when you stop to make it. In the practice, lomejor is to discontinue this excitant summation and to resume it later some moments.

The punctual orgasm, is achieved generally mediating the genital or digital contact with the clitoris. After this orgasm, the clitoris loses sensibility momentarily. If the man maintains the friction of the clitoris once without pause reached the orgasm, the woman responds then with an involuntary and spastic series of shakeouts that you/they notice to the man that the orgasm has completed your path. These shakeouts only cease when you stop to be boosted the clitoris. A recess of one or two minutes, will allow to recover to the organism, after that which you can induce the second orgasm by means of stimulation clitórica. Once completed this, will also be followed by the same convulsions should make another pause next. Continuing with this procedure each pause becomes longer according to the number of obtained orgasms. Finally, any pause neither the subsequent stimulation will allow to the clitoris to undelete the sensibility. The excessive pressure exercised on the clitoris has the effect of paralyzing the mechanism neurodinámico of this field. The only opportunity in which you can exercise excessive pressure on the clitoris is forthwith before the orgasm. At this time, the woman wants the man to press you the clitoris with the pubis, with the finger or with the penis. Anyway, too much pressure will destroy the orgasm although the woman believes the opposite.

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