Meaning of the Moles in Women and Men

The moles that we have in the body, as well as the lines of the hands, allow to guess features of the legal capacity and important important data on ourselves. These petty blemishes, don't only adorn our skin, but they also save a valuable information about our temperament and envelope the luck that we will have in the life depending on the place of the physique where they are.

Meanings of the woman's moles:
In the forehead, to the left: you mean that she has a deep attachment to the mother, great femenidad and feeling of feminine rivalry.
In the forehead, rightward: great power in the love for the father, character strong and necessity to admire the dear man.
In the root of the hair: you mean a strong influecia of the family, deep mean I root mainly toward your parents.
In the mean of the forehead: you predict successes in the love and in the businesses.
Among the brows: clairvoyance dowries, subliminar trend to the feelings, big suctions.
On the left eye: you symbolize insecurity and trend to take refuge in the dreams, ullage of realism and of practical spirit.
On the right eye: increase of lucidity that revert it too realistic, pessimist and puntillosa.
Under the left eye: you lack balancing interior, but good health.
Under the right eye: you symbolize the extreme sensibility.
On the nose: you mean that this woman's loving relationships will be successful and that you will have a good marriage.
In the base of the nose: the don symbolizes of knowing how to hear and an important trend to feed artistic ideas.
Around the mouth: lust, uncontrolled passions.
Between the nose and the mouth: you mean that you are about a brilliant wife of character, and that you will have big successes at material level.
In the higher lip: great trend to trust d elas appearances, sweetness, temperance and moderation. Superficial and conceited character.
In the inferior lip: great sensuality, gluttony, trend to the decoration and the laziness.
In the left cheek: prestige, compliance of your ambitions.
In the right cheek: modesty, reserves, obsequiosidad, sweetness of character.
In the right shoulder: a woman of great surety in símisma that support a lot his.
In the left shoulder: kind woman that have supportive necessity, of affection and trust.
In the right breast: you mean that you possess a great sensuality, but you have trend to the laziness or carelessness.
In the left breast: great necessity of love, fondness and reciprocal affection.
Around the navel: you symbolize a loving affective life and felíz.
In the left knee: aware of your value and of your qualities, recognition necessity and consideration.
In the right knee: modesty, humility, helpful kind woman of character.
In the right foot: desidia, gluttony, excess, sensuality insasiable and wild.
In the left foot: I like for the refined pleasures and trend to idealize your feelings.
In the mean of the shoulder: you symbolize an energetic character, penetrant spirit, but at the same time, trend to be dispersed or ullage of perseverance.
In the palm of the right hand: skilled woman, able to be offered all that need, as well as of satisfying your desires and of obtaining of other what interest you.
In the palm of the left hand: great ingenuousness, trend to be allowed to double-cross or to trust too much of the appearances.

Meaning of the moles in the man:
In the forehead, to the left: you mean that you have a strong identification with your father.
In the forehead, rightward: you symbolize a deep union with your mother.
In the left temple: trend to idealize your feelings, search of the absolute one in the emocinal, or affective unbalance.
In the right temple: coldness, indifference before the sentmientos.
Amid the forehead: you mean that this man possesses a great lucidity, a great discernment ability, penetrant spirit that are shown demanding and puntilloso with the other ones.
On the left eye: distraction, concentration ullage.
On the right eye: you symbolize a great concentration capacity for on all the things.
Among the brows: easiness of understanding and of assimilation, accept, obtained success thanks to the own qualities.
On the left lid: you mean that this man had a conflicting childhood and an affective idiferencia.
On the right lid: you symbolize a deep attachment to your family and your past.
In the left cheek: we are speaking of an obstinate person that always want to be gone out with his.
In the right cheek: you mean that throughout your life he/she will have many changes in the labor environment.
In the left ear: ullage of scruples, secret determination, second intentions.
In the right ear: you are about a person with a lot of luck and the life in general.
On the higher lip: you mean that you are about a talkative and talkative individual.
Under the inferior lip: frank and jovial character.
In the mean of the chin: tozudez, intellectual and moral excessive stiffness as feature caracterológico.
In the knee: kind character and given to the communication.
In the hand: you are slaud symbol and love, because the person is sincere with the neighbor.
On the fingers: possession of virtues or of exaggerated flaws.
In the doll: you correspond somebody that have good character.
On the shoulder: you speak to us that the person is restless and enough nonconformist.
In the shoulder: the fellow is impatient and you meditate a little.
In the stomach: you involve a love exgerado for the good life and the most instinctive pleasures.
In the foot: you show us to a person with trend to the melancholia and the sedentary life.
In the navel: you will always bring luck to the person that have it.
In the chin: you indicate affability and generous mind-set.
In the arm: as much in the derco as in the left one, you predict an affective intense and passionate life.
In the elbow: you be in the right or left, you announce trips, love for the sports, interest for the professions and many possibilities of procuring the fortune.
In the fingers of the pìeses: you indicate a remarkable bias to that the person exaggerates so much in the virtues, like in the flaws that you possess.

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