Sex with animals - Zoofilia

You are named zoofilia to the exclusive obtaining of the orgasm by means of the use of animals. The authentic zoófilos doesn't find satisfaction with the sexual normal relationships, being most of them men and feme sole, of mature age, although you are sometimes given in adolescents and children, but like occasional and spurious form. In many cases it is about the expression of an aimless great fondness that notice with animals.

The following lawsuits are managed for the appearance of the zoofilia: the primitivism of the conditions of life; the extraordinary familiarity that exist between the man and the domestic animal, mainly in rural means; and the popular flow of diverse belief as for example, the superstition based on the effect of the sexual intercourse with animals as therapy of venereal illnesses.

Not all the animals enjoy the same sympathy on the part of the zoófilos. In hierarchy zoófilica it is, in the first place, the cow; then they follow the goats, the calves, the dogs, the mares, the pigs and the sheep. They also figure the geese, hens and doves. But sometimes, the naimales acts of unchaining of an intense zoofilia.

Among the lawsuits of the zoofilia they can make an appointment the compulsive necessity of sexual satisfaction, in circumstances in that only the fellow can instrumentally to be served as the animal, or a sexual intense satisfaction and, finally, a variance necessity in the erotic stimuli by means of an excitation specifically morbid.

The cure of this sexual abnormality, you should drive her to the psychiatrist or psychologist, with your therapeutical specific methods. You would also help a sexual efficient pedagogy and a social good prevention in the underdeveloped environments of the agricultural sector. On the other hand, you are to give to know the exact sense that the animal ones make in the world and the absurd thing that you are to overvalue them excessively, sometimes in detriment of the respect to the human dignity to that other people are entitled for the mere fact of being it.

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