The importance of potassium

This mineral stores and then transform carbohydrates into energy. In addition, it serves to improve the work of the kidney, facilitating the removal of toxins, keep your heart rate level and blood pressure, among other actions.

Potassium is found in fruits, green leafy vegetables, etc.. The lack of this substance can cause dizziness, fatigue and muscular weakness. Some salty foods or alcohol can cause a deficiency of this mineral.

The most nutritious and healthy food

The main feature is that functional foods have a strong impact on some of the physiological functions of the body, and contain nutritional value. These foods offer both physical and mental improvements also help prevent certain diseases. It is recognized, within this classification, foods containing certain minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and dietary fibers, including those active substances such as phytochemicals or antioxidants and probiotic products, such as yogurt, margarine, sugar and eggs.

In fact, fruits, vegetables and cereals, among other foods, are part of such products, which play an important nutritional function and help prevent disease or infirmity. For example, in the case of the egg, this is a food rich in Omega 3 fatty acid, which implies a positive effect to decrease cardiovascular risk and controlling blood pressure levels, if consumed in moderation. Dinero o Ser Feliz? (Money or Be Happy?)

How to reduce delivery time

The tightening of the muscles of the pelvis reduces labor time.

It is not true that strengthening the pelvic muscles during childbirth harm, quite the contrary, researchers in this study encouraged the training during pregnancy.

Specialists believe that strengthening the pelvic muscles helps prevent urinary incontinence (urine leakage) and also favors the last mile of delivery, preventing it extends for more than an hour.

To carry out this research, involving 301 pregnant women, the

148 which made the exercises and the rest served as control group. The practices took place between 20 and 36 weeks of gestation and were taken every seven days during a period of sixty minutes.

The exercises were supervised by a physiotherapist and were intended to tighten the pelvic area and prevent urinary incontinence.

Acids, saturated and trans fats

We compared the consumption of these lipids, in Europe and the United States.
A group of researchers evaluated the consumption of saturated fatty acids and hydrogenated (trans) between the European and American population. We also analyzed the effect of these lipids in the body. While both substances increase the bad cholesterol in the blood and hence increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, the trans fats have a particularity: also decrease good cholesterol and increases the levels of triglycerides. However, not associated with diseases such as hydrogenated acid type two diabetes and allergies.

As for the research, specialists at the European Food Safety Authority collected data from population and stated that Europe is consumed daily in less than two percent of trans fatty acids, meanwhile, is eaten between eleven and eighteen percent of saturated lipids. The European recommendation on this acid does not exceed ten percent on the day, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Some countries, like Spain, maintained normal swallowing.

Hydrogenated fatty acids found in beef or lamb. Also formed when a product is fried at high temperatures. Saturated lipids have been mainly in foods of animal origin and in lesser amounts in the fats of coconut and palm.

The best prevention for hypertension

To avoid problems in cognitive functioning, hypertensive patients should be treated since the beginning of the disease.
Hypertension may cause cognitive functions reduce the amount of blood flow to different organs. This occurs over a period of between 7 and 20 Aryans. Symptoms may be triggered (memory and concentration problems) from 75 years as a result, 70 percent of older hypertensive patients should be admitted for observation. Medical specialists in hypertension and cardiologists gathered at the Congress of the European Society of Hypertension to assess cognitive impairment as a result of this disease. The experts conducted a study with nearly 1000 hypertensive patients with an average age of 78.

They were analyzed by specialists in neurology and psychology, and the results showed that 53 percent of patients who continued treatment step had less effect on cognitive functions. In conclusion, all said they found the most effective solution was to make the treatment of hypertension since the early signs and thus prevent this result in older adults. According bs specialists, per 1000 patients treated for high blood pressure five years, will prevent at least 20 people come to dementia.