A dog cloned by responsibility

A South Korean company has announced that you have received the first responsibility to clone a dog, concretely a called pitbull Booger that died eighteen months ago.

A woman from California has taken charge it, and you will pay 150.000 dollars to the signature RNL Bio in order to achieve an exact reply of your mascot, to which felt very united after the animal saves you the life when another dog attacked you.

The operation, for the one that tissue will be used extracted the animal before you died, you will carry out it a team of the National University of Seoul, the same one where you creó in 2005, although without commercial ends, the first cloned dog, a puppy of Afghan called greyhound Snuppy (in the image).

RNL Bio you maintain that this is the first time that a commercial form dog will be cloned, but you wait that you are not last o'clock, since he/she trusts to receive hundred of orders in proximate years and, even, you study to clone dogs trained especially to detect explosive or drugs.

"In the western countries there are even a lot of people that want to clone your dogs, to this high price", the director of the signature, Ra Jeong-chan said, but those costs could decrease in half, until the 50 thousand dollars, "when the shotgun technique transforms into an industry", you assured.

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