New form of killing virus: To shake them until death

A new and surprising form of putting an end to the viruses is being investigated, to shake them until not leaving rake or at least that believes some scientists that have determined in a mathematical way the frequencies in those that the viruses could die because of these shakeouts.

"The capsida of a virus is something like that as the shell of a turtle", physical Otto Sankey of the University of the State of Arizona said. "If we shake by means of mechanical vibrations this shell, the virus can be disabled"

And this scientist speaks with lawsuit knowledge, because an experimental recent evidence has demonstrated that the pulses laser syntonized to the appropriate frequency can kill some viruses. However, you are not easy to determine these frequencies.

To speed up the search, Sankey and your partner Eric Dykeman they have developed a form of calculating the movement vibracional of each atom in an encapsulated virus. Starting from this, the lowest frequencies of resonance can be determined. As example of your technique, the team has found that the virus of the necrosis resonates strongly around 60 Gigahertz.

For the moment, "this you are very new field, and you are so few experiments that the science has not still had enough time to demonstrate your worth", own Sankey says, for what we will still have to wait some years

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