Sex with Dead - Necrofilia

The necrofilia, word that derive of the Greek, is composed by two roots: "nekros" that mean cadaver; and "philia" that mean to love. You mean then, literally, love to the cadavers and you consist on the sexual excitation caused by the cotemplación, contact, mutilation or mental evocation of a cadaver.

It can be distinguished among: the properly this necrofilia that are carried out copulatively for via vaginal or anal; of the occasional necrofilia that in fact is a complication of the sadism, as the case referred by a thirty nine year-old individual's Tancredi that killed a woman that had rejected a copulation "post mortem" with both; the medical studio carried out in this fellow revealed an epileptic possible impulsiveness. The necrofilia of war is another possibility that find frecuientes examples in the many hecatombs of this class that the humanity has supported.

This perversion can have in your origin, the unchaining following factors: hereditary tares; separation of the society of the future necrófilo for diverse reasons, that which would prevent you to end up establishing interpersonal normal connections; dependent factors of the occupation, like in the case of the sepultero; individuals that reveal aggressive clear trends, such as sadistic and destructive pent-up desires from the childhood, or consequence of the re-routing, until arriving to this sexopatía, of an erotic inclination fixed in lainfancia toward somebody long and gravely diseased.

The fact that more extraneous to the profesinales in the title when considering this sexual disreacción is to verify how the necrófilo has forgotten the repulsion that all human feels in the face of the death. The man, in the course of the times, you have adopted two postures fundamentally in front of the fact of the death: you have reacted with the huída and the abandonment of the cadaver, or you have accepted the terrifying reallidad incorporating it to your form of life and culture.

The first to proceed is current in Sumatra, Laos, Malaca, etc., whose inhabitants react taking away from the cadaver, and even of the village or village that it cover you. You seem as if these beings, when facing with the cadaver, feared for your own life, as if the deceased transformed into a demon that could work on the alive ones and to kill them. The huída is then, the expression of the fear to face with the inanimate thing.

They exist equivalent symbolic of the necrofilia for example, the realized acts generally with professional women, in those that it are mounted a macabre scenario and the "partenaire" it is shrouded and characterized as a cadaver.

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