Peaches in syrup

peaches - 2 kilos
Water - 1 litre
sugar - 2 cups

Peel peaches and cut into halves, removing the stone To facilitate that discards the shell submerge in hot water
Boil water and add sugar.
When sugar has dissolved incorporate the peaches and cook 10 minutes
Put peaches in hot drained and sterilized glass jars, then cover the fruit with hot syrup Remove air bubbles and stopper

Choose fresh fruits, healthy and strong consistency To sterilize jars submerge in boiling water and drain.

Once filled, close the jars with lids almost until the end. Immerse mouth abaio in boiling water (or place a review board in the bottom of the pot). Boil 20 minutes. Allow to cool and to remove, turn the lid to close.

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