The power of your perfume on men

We know that when you get a good sharp neckline or a pair of super tight jeans, men will turn to look. But perhaps you've never thought to the impact that your scent can take the opposite sex.

The scent of a woman, not only extremely important, but also exerts tremendous power of attraction on the men. In order to discover exactly what you are talking about and how to build your skills of conquest, pays attention to the following.

Studies have shown that pleasant smell a perfume, can improve the mood of a man and make it more eager to communicate and to please others. In other words, your delicious perfume makes your gallant sits wanting to be next to you and know you better.

The advantage is that all this also is that if the brain of a man is lost in the sensual experience of olerte for the first time, will not appreciate your physical traits so critically.

You must be careful with how much perfume you use, only with a spray generally will be more than enough. If your perfume is perceived over a radius of 30 centimeters around your body, it means you're too perfumed.

The essences can increase powerfully emotional ties. This is because if you start to associate someone with a perfume, smelling it happened to evoke that person in your memory and the feelings experienced by her partner.

There are many ways to trace your tempting aroma around: notita vaporizes a romantic and place it under your pillow for example, or let your perfume between the sheets. There are many options and many more that may arise from your own creativity.

While it may be difficult to imagine, even the best sex you've had in life can become more hot if you add a delicious essence to the mix. The men claim that was more excited when smell the fragrance of his wife and also ensure that there is no better place to put his head near his neck that, because there is concentrated around its odor.

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