5 Tips to dress better

• Try to keep a record of mental style that currently takes. Do you mind fashion? This point is important. Adhere strictly to the trends that make the media reveals some uncertainty regarding the elections themselves. On the other hand, disregarding entirely fashions, is a sign of excessive self-reliance, as well as a challenging spirit. The person who respects their own tastes trying to adapt to fashion shows flexibility in character and a creative spirit that no sin of extravagance.

• Go to your room and watch your wardrobe. First, give an overview, trying to grasp what is the predominant color in his clothes. Think about the colors that are symptomatic of informers mood. The pastel tones, white, and all colors give clear sense of tranquility, understanding, good mood and a positive attitude to the problems. In contrast, the strident colors like electric blue, red, yellow and orange denote a feeling of nervousness, emotional disturbance and unrest.

• The wrinkled clothes is a sign of neglect and low self esteem. There is also a symptom of laziness to wear the same clothes often.

• To have a clearer picture of the way they dress, find photographs of him in different years. Try to find pictures of winter and summer. Examínelas with care and objectivity. Think about that person that you see in the photos as if it were you, but someone who must describe in an impartial manner. What thoughts come to your mind? Do you find that person that you see in the photographs is someone with charisma? His presence can exert some kind of impact on the environment? Be honest with yourself.

• If you still made it a rough idea of your style, ask two close friends who describe their way of dress and appearance. Insist on objectivity. The view will allow them to reach a conclusion.

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