Aphrodisiacs powerful stimulant

• Garlic. Already in the first century a. C, the Latin poet Ovid, in his famous work The Art of Anuir, recommending to the passionate fans who eat garlic, honey and eggs and almonds. Today, garlic capsules can be used to satisfy the same function, but leave no unpleasant breath.

• Cacao. One of the most powerful erotic stimulant, which can be consumed in bars of chocolate with milk.

• Onion. Mixed with honey, butter and ginger juice-highly-reinvigorating, is one of the most effective aphrodisiacs. The origin of this recipe is Hindu.

• Ginger. Its value enhancer erotic is known in the villages of northern Africa.

• Ginseng. Its root has a great impact energy.

• Mandrake. One of the oldest sexual stimulants have been reported.

• Orchid. Their bulbs are similar to the male testes, which is considered of special effects for men.

• Quail Egg. Batirlos with black beer and drink before making love.

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