How to seduce with the appearance

We should bear in mind that the image is the first thing is reaching out. If you're going to go to a job interview or a social encounter that can be key to its future, has to make a good impression. At such meetings, the only thing that counts is the first glance.

The person with whom you will meet is not interested in being her friend, but consider it as a potential employee. You have to give an image of success, confidence and ability. To achieve this, should enhance his charisma and dedication in putting the details to the dressing can be your key to success. Heed the following tips.

Be yourself.
It is essential that you feel comfortable and Developed. Not too lean or choose clothing that is not identified with their way of being.

Sober colors.
Ideally, if an interview is to be viewed with plain clothes. The genera prints may distract the attention of his interlocutor and give a somewhat confusing. Combine light tones with dark, that will allow it to project a very definite ideas of someone who is strong and concrete.

A personal detail.
Whenever you are projecting an important meeting, use an accessory that has a special meaning for you. For example, a watch, a bracelet or pendant. That will act as a personal talisman. During the interview, projecting their thoughts and ideas in that accessory.

Soft fragrance.
As this is a meeting or social-work and non-intimate you with perfume should not be exaggerated, because that can be misunderstood by his interlocutor. Choose a gentle fragrance, fruit and perfume his clothes several hours before the interview.

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