Meaning of the lunar location

• Axilla: If the moon is under the left arm, indicating a part of life fraught with difficulties and struggles, but with great potential to improve towards the second half. If, however, the Moon is located in the right armpit, warns the person on the need to be cautious.

• Chin: portrays an individual respectful, hardworking, generous, willing to accept the responsibilities, lover of nature and very

• Arm: Both in law and in the left predicts marital happiness.

• Hips Augura happiness, heightened eroticism, the ability to open up to the pleasures of life and creativity.

• Ceja: A mole on the right eyebrow, announces a very active life, firmness and tenacity in the face of difficulties to carry out the proposed objectives. If, however, is located on the left eyebrow, says weakness.

• Elbow: Both in law and in the left, reflects love for sports and arts and pro -
nosis repeated trips throughout life. On the sentimental, spoke of difficulties in the couple.

• Neck: Under the auspices of social success, fame and numerous love affairs. If you are behind, under the area of the neck, warns about the difficulty of balancing the spiritual and the sensual.

• Back of the Hand: A symbol of health, love and wealth, it also denotes a strong character.

• Back: When the moon is at the back is a sign of a harmonious family life, but also speaks of a certain introversion.

• Front: If you are in the center, predicts celebrity, wealth, love and longevity. If it is located to one of the sides, talks about success, but on the basis succeeded in great efforts.

• Shoulder: A mole on the left, reveals an individual bit ambitious. If you are in the right shoulder, denoting discretion and tact.

• Ingle: On the right side, warns of a health rather weak and prone to getting many diseases. If you are in the left groin, also announces financial problems.

• Lips: Draws a person of character happy, noble and benevolent, but also with a marked propensity to fall into sudden passion.

• Cheek: Both on the right side as on the left, indicating an individual scholar, lover of wisdom and moderation in their criticism.

• Doll: It means good character, friendliness, ability to work and predicts the possibility of two marriages, or at least two great loves throughout life.

• Buttocks: It indicates a tendency to laziness, delight and infidelity and emotional instability predicts.

• Nose: Denotes an individual patient, caring and with a tendency to take care of other people's problems.

• Oreja: Prognosis surprises and difficulties in managing the money.

• Chest: index of aggressiveness and bad character.

• Pie: It reflects a bellicose, unstable in terms of emotional and prone to suffer from psychosomatic disorders.

• Knee: A mole on your right knee aware of a peace-loving person and life reposada. If, however, the mole is located on the left knee, says an individual with a talent for business and good luck in gambling.

• Breasts: On the right side, reveals a woman prone to love affairs and vain. When the mole is located on the left breast, brain reveals more amorous tendencies that sexual intercourse.

• Bead: With active, ready and determined to get everything you want in life.

• bellied: A mole in this place denotes trend to the pleasures of the table, the enjoyment of the senses and waste.

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