October 31 Halloween Night of Power

The Night Witch is ideal for increasing the powers adivinatorios. First up is a talisman with hair black cat tied with a red ribbon, to be used during the night of 31. In addition, a candle is ignited, half black and half red, to ward off the infernal forces.

To purchase adivinatorios powers, make the following ritual:

• Cover your head with a yellow cloth and, with the ashes of a sahumerio sandalwood, draw a 5-pointed star on his forehead (only the tip facing up), in the area where we find the third eye. Turn 5 sails of pastel colors and meditate in front of them, to open the door of the senses mystics.

• Prepare a jar with a little of your favorite perfume. Agréule essence of anise and a crushed bay leaf.

• Trace, by the end of meditation, a star with his finger dipped in this mixture, just above the star of ash. No comment on anybody and wait for your order. Soon you will see increased its power and intuition adivinatory.

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