Amethyst and quartz to forget a bad love

1. Place the amethyst, quartz pink and blue in the sun for a full day outdoors.

2. When dark, take the three stones in his right hand and keep clinging to midnight. Then, sleep under the stones under your pillow.

3. Now get up before dawn and take the three stones at an open site. Apóyelas on earth (the lawn of a plaza, an outdoor pot, and so on.), Hoping that will soak up the dew of dawn. Let them take the light of the first rays of sun, and return to his room.

4. Lie face up and desnúdese. Support the amethyst on her body at the point for your zodiac sign (see box). Hold in your left hand closed and rose quartz on the right, blue.

5. Feel the heat of the energy of amethyst penetrating your body through the point of support and for his travelers inside to the center of his chest. Meanwhile, do with their hands closed a slight movement of the pumping squeezing quartz, alternative and rhythmically (left, right, left, right ...).

6. Stay well for 15 minutes. Then, open your hands and drop the quartz. Take care with amethyst, apóyela briefly between her eyes with a slight pressure, and then join the three stones in his hands, rub one another and put them away.

7. The next morning repeat from point 4. Do this for six consecutive days, after which its energy will be revived and may restart their lives without the burden of that penalty with your wishes.

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