Candles lemon Slimming

The medical field in the past tended to recommend fasting therapy to combat various diseases. Thus, the cure of the lemon has been used frequently to combat measles, fevers, smallpox, rheumatism, arthritis and gout, because uric acid dissolves.

The treatment consists of taking the juice of a lemon on the first day, the second of two lemons well and grow up to ten lemons reach the tenth day. Then the eleventh day will be reduced to nine lemons, the twelfth to eight and so on until returning to drink the juice of one lemon on the twentieth day. Always drink the juice fasting and are expected an hour before eating a light breakfast.

You can eat at will, in the case of food liqeros. This cure can produce urticaria, headache, strong encouragement, wishes to urinate standing and other symptoms that indicate that the body is off toxins.

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