Elves working - Superstitions

Across Europe, the elves have created a wide variety of beliefs. Much could be said of them, for her strong personality and tastes defined. In most like to work and have very bad notion of lazy. For example, the Brownie, one of the most famous British goblins, is extremely helpful in housework and ensures prosperity in exchange for sweets. However, there is never that gift new clothes because, offended, not to disappear again.

There is an elf named Welsh Bwca, which is dedicated to the preparation of butter and cheese. Is usually quiet, unless you stop someone who hates drinking, and in this case is infuriating. Nor will fall well Christians dissidents.

In Russia, the Domovoy, is homely. He lives in the chimneys and leaves at night to take the food that homeowners prepare him especially. On Jan. 28 returns attentions, because on that day, the Domovoy is devoted to cooking his favorite food: polenta a special offering to all inhabitants of the house. The elves Italians are the most naughty.

Unlike his colleagues from northern Europe, who look after the animals on the farm and protect the crops, they are having fun with each other braiding the tails of cows or horses in the stables, which is a real gun chaos. The Manteillons, for example, have fun inside the homes, looting tables ready for dinner or removing blankets to the occupants of the house when they sleep.

To get rid of its mockery, large containers should be placed on windows (on the outside), full of lentils. The goblins will be forced to count them one by one and will not have time to bother anyone before the family wakes up.

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