Therapy based on past lives?

The study of the reincarnation of past lives and can help us perceive patterns that transcend the immediate future. You can help us be more responsible in our choices. Before we can actually change behavior, we have to dig up their roots.

We must begin to understand that our physical life is only a fraction in the life of the soul. We have to understand that our personality today is a synthesis of all the personalities we have had and developed in our other lives. We express a personality that is developing, but this is an aggregate of the essential elements of all previous figures.

Reincarnated in order to structure the nature of our personalities in a larger and higher grade, so we can link them in full and in harmony with the soul. Through this union of this development and learn to express the energy and strength of soul. We have the opportunity to become teachers of evolution, co-creators in the world through love and desire.

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