What are the incarnations?

An incarnation is a period of existence within a body. It is only half of a cycle of development. The full development cycle is the period between a birth in the physical plane and the next rebirth.

Half of this period ranges from the moment of conception until natural transition we call death. It is sometimes called the phase mundane or physical. The other half is the period between the moment of death and the moment of rebirth. It is sometimes known as the intervening cosmic or spiritual.

The mundane phase begins at the instant of conception. At this time, the consciousness of the soul entrant begins to fall in line with the fertilized egg. As the energy of the soul is so dynamic and intense, can not be completely integrated with the vehicle in development so immediately.

Use the nine months of pregnancy to slow its vibrational intensity so that, more or less at birth, can be fully integrated with the fetus. The consciousness of the soul is lining up with increased intensity during the entire pregnancy.

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