What are the past lives? Theory

There are numerous theories. One is that we have a number of lives, each of which adds to our growth and overall development; all the information from these stockpiles before being stored in a knowledge bank located on a deep level of the mind. Another theory is that we are all multidimensional.

According to this, one is living all their lives at a time, but is more consciously focused on the present. Information about past lives comes from connecting with those other dimensions of his being that they have chosen different times and stages to learn specific lessons.

A third theory about the origin of knowledge about past lives is that our own subconscious translates our situation, our attitudes, events and persons present a scenario that will allow us to perceived more objectively and understand them much better.

According to this theory, life is revealed earlier intuitive and creative reinterpretation of the present.
Another theory holds that the past life symbolizes a desire, a craving or even a subconscious impulse of a course of action.

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