As to educate teens

Children's education does not respond to magic, but some details of which can greatly improve our relationship with them. Here are some suggestions:

• Try to provide a space for himself only able to be alone when they need it.

• Do not listen to their telephone talks breaking into his room without hitting the door
before entering.

• If you receive mail, collect magazines or buy CDs from their favorite rock groups, agree that there is a place where they can save them and where they have access only.

• Establish a monthly managed in a responsible manner by the kids.

• Limit properly regulating expenses deemed unnecessary or superfluous, and agreeing with them how far they can ask and how far they should not require.

• If you ever return to some drunken party, will have to wait the appropriate time to talk and clarify the risks involved in this type of situation.

• Do not allow the indiscriminate use of alcoholic beverages at meetings in their homes.
Often, the "wall of silence" can be felled with clear guidelines and rules of coexistence that form part of the daily routine of all families.

That way, parents will be more relaxed and adolescents will gradually assume in the future some of the most demanding aspects of adulthood. And dispense so, little by little, the protective aid that took along their lost-and-why not missed childhood.

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