Influenza vaccine nasal spray

According to studies presented at the World Congress on Antimicrobial Agents held in Chicago, USA, from the middle of this year begin to market the influenza vaccine in a nasal spray in that country.
Marketed in Switzerland only since October 2000, the new vaccine called 'Nasalflu' has just been compared to the injectable vaccine in 240 people, 110 of them over 60 years. In terms of effectiveness, responded to all criteria imposed by the European authorities to the vaccine by intramuscular injection.

The spray vaccine revealed even have an advantage over the vaccine injection: due to its method of administration, resulting in the nostrils of the body a strong response against the virus. This additional effect of the nasal spray vaccine prevents virus replication in the nose and throat, which would prevent contamination of people living or working in the patient's environment, largely impacted by the projections of the virus during the sneezing.

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