Rubella: Symptoms and Treatment

• Characteristics:
It is also a rash illness.

• How to develop:
The incubation is two weeks on average before the onset of the rash. The contagious period is two days until the disappearance of the rash. What differentiates Measles Rubella is essentially accompanied by lymphadenopathy (swollen glands in the neck, armpits and groin). In addition, the rash may be itchy. In some cases it is difficult to differentiate measles rubella.

No mortality or complications, but women who have had this disease in childhood and become infected during pregnancy, the baby comes what is called congenital rubella syndrome, which has a wide range of severity. If this occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy may lead to death since fetal malformations. If it occurs during the last trimester of pregnancy, can cause strain on the hearing (deafness) in the eye (cataracts, mirooftalmía, blindness) or microcephaly. It is therefore very important that before scheduling a pregnancy, women do a test to detect antibodies in the blood and in case of lack of them, receive the vaccine. The disease itself can affect any age but is most common in childhood.

• Treatment:
consists only of antipyretics. The swollen glands last one week and then return to normal.

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