Tips for stylish perfume

• Apply the perfume on her wrists and knees, behind his head and ears in the crease of the elbows, the tips of the hair and between her breasts.
• Can be slightly perfumed the hem of clothing. The warm or floral fragrances are ideal for lining of fur coats.
• Perfume underwear and bedding.
• To prolong the persistence, just a short spraying. This will earn six hours of pleasant fragrance.
• Do not apply two different perfumes at once.
• Do not throw cologne if you're in the sun too long.
• The use of soap, deodorant and perfume cream lasts a certain perception.
• The floral fragrances are ideal for daytime.
• chypre perfumes are suitable for night hours.
• Fragrances with fresh notes, citrus or ajazminadas are ideal for summer.
• During the winter, nothing beats tenacious, warm fragrance.
• It is advisable to keep the perfume stored in their boxes or sections of light and direct heat.

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