Beauty tips for men

Some beauty tips for men who are never wrong when it comes to our beauty and body care.
-Wash your face in the morning is essential for good skin care. Make sure to use easy cleaner treatment, not the typical soap to hands. Exfoliate two or three days a week will help remove dead skin cells. Massage your face in small circles.

- When to take a bath using a loofah, vegetable sponge suit all skin types and have numerous benefits such as: remove dead skin, removes embedded hair and saguínea active circulation.

- Use a shampoo according to your hair type and hair washing can give small massage using your fingertips, while you will feel a sense of relaxation.

- Shaving is best done in the shower or just after leaving it as the steam bath will have softened the beard hair and if you feel irritation after shaving or feel much less pain also can be combined using shaving cream for sensitive skin. If you shave with a blade that always tries to be two parallel sheets so that irritation is less.

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