It is expensive to live healthy?

Things are going well for me. Vegetarian food is often difficult, but overall, I realized that this is the first choice for me. Maybe I will not live totally green in the future, only time will tell but definitely I will have a very low meat consumption. And it feels good to know that your body feels good, my stomach is working and no longer feels hard with what you eat. I have much to learn about vegetarian nutrition.

To purchase raw materials is good for me, very important. We were very worried it seems, the clothes we wear and how much you should consider. We are selfish today. Then you might also think about what makes your body and what you choose to fill take care. Many of my friends think it's expensive to live healthy. Are you? I think that a vegetarian diet is much, and that ultimately is cheaper than buying meat.
That's what I think, but I wonder, what is your opinion on the matter that is expensive to live a healthy life?

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