Myths of the Science Top 10

1. The water falls a contrario sensu in the South Hemisphere due to the wraparound of the Earth
The wraparound of the Earth is too weak as to affect to the sense in which turns the water while he/she falls in a sink. Anyone can check it easily with only to turn on the faucets of several bathrooms. In each place he/she will see as the water it forms whirls to one or another side only depending in the way of the washbasin, not of the hemisphere where he/she is.

2. The alone human beings use 10% of the brain
This difundidísimo myth already takes almost one century being even reverted in the means. Fortunately it is not certain. The investigation techniques for such images as the Magnetic Nuclear Resonance have demonstrated that the humans even make good use of the cerebral cortex when they sleep

3. A chicken can live without head
Certain, and also during enough time. A rooster can outlive without head because his cerebral trunk is often practically intact after beheading it, puediendo still to control for if same most of its motor skills.

4. In the space there is not graveness
The blame of this frequent equivocation is for the image that we have of astronauts floating inside a space ship. When an object (a satellite, a shuttle) is in orbit, it is not in ingravidez (since the graveness yes it acts) state but in state of free drop. This means that said I object in fact he/she is falling toward the Earth, but I eat their tangential speed it is so high, the floor is "curved" quicker, and therefore the object never ends up playing the floor. The graveness is everywhere, even in the space. Neither it is certain that the space is a hole. There are there outside all kinds of atoms, although often very distant.

5. A currency rushed from the high of a building could kill a person
A petty currency, as that of 5 cents of euro, is not in fact the most aerodynamic weapon that exists. Due to their form and to the friction of the wind it would only be able to reach the enough (even being heady from the high of Empire State Building to 381 meters) speed it hardly stops to cause smarting to the unfortunate pedestrian.

6. In the mature brain new cells are not generated
It has always been accepted that each human was born with a certain number of neurons that he went losing throughout the life without reserve possibility. It is certain that most of (and more important) the development of the brain happens during the childhood, but that doesn't mean that everything is below hill starting from then. The studios have demonstrated that the bigger one is even able to generate new brain cells during, and that these work correctly.

7. The men think of sex every seven seconds
The males, in evolution terms, come genetically scheduled to reproduce, but scientific method doesn't exist some to be able to measure how long of the day they spend it fantasizing. Fortunately for the world productivity, do those seven seconds only seem a coarse exaggeration, truth?

8. A ray never falls twice in the same place
In fact the lightnings take their "favorite" places, especially in the places to great height. For example to Empire State Building hits upon him some 25 times a year. Benjamin Franklin understood the concept a long time ago. He/she climbed with a metal bar on the roof of their house, to which bound until mediating earth a conductive cable. It had just invented the lightning rod.

9. The chicken broth cures the common cold
To use the word to "cure" is maybe exaggerated, but the science says that the mothers from all over the world make well when they force their children to take soup of chicken broth. The studios have found that the broth contains anti-inflammatory estates that you/they help to reduce the engorgement.

10. The hair and the nails continue growing after dead
Although the hair and the nails seem to continue growing post-mortem, this is merely an optical morbid illusion. In the death the human body becomes dehydrated severely, retrayendo the skin enough how to expose the nails and the hair more than the habitual thing.

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