The Trefoil of 4 Sheets

Who sees a woman revolving the grass, he/she will know that he/she is a spinster that is searching a trefoil of four sheets. Why? It counts the legend that the women that have been single, commonly called spinsters, should find a trefoil of four sheets so that his blue prince that takes it to the altar appears. Or to the the best thing not the blue prince, but yes who takes them to the altar. When finding it, the woman has go to put it in a vase with water, taking care that her four sheets are perfectly oriented toward the four cardinal points. He/she will know this way from where their future husband will arrive. They say the evil tongues that many the women that crawled in search of that good luck, were and that few were the fortunate ones. It is that to find the famous trefoil of four sheets is as finding a needle in a barn.

As almost all the legends or superstitions, little it is known about their origin. From boys we hear say that to find a trefoil of four sheets is sign of good luck, but the reason, it is an entire mystery and reason of many joint ventures. For example, the Christian of the Half Age saw it like a representation of Christ's cross, and they said that a trefoil of four sheets was the only thing that Eva of the garden of Eden was taken. Others assure that each one of their sheets had a meaning, and that it represented the faith, the hope, the love and the luck.

In Ireland, to travel to another place of the world, for many centuries it is used mainly as protective element and he/she associates it to San Patricio, standard of that country. Also linked to the marriage, but not only to the spinsters, it is believed that this petty plant brings good luck to the girlfriend; for that reason during the XVII century he/she expanded the custom of disseminating trefoils of four sheets before the fiancés to protect them, because it frightened the bad spirits and the malicious charms, allowing that as much the boyfriends as the companies enjoy calm of that so special day.

With so good omens, they give desires of exitting to search one. But the great question is: what to make with the trefoil if somebody finds it? Some affirm that so that he/she gives good luck it is necessary to insert it in the shoe; others believe that it is better to insert it among the sheets of the Bible, or of the header book; it doesn't lack the naturist that believes that to assure good luck the plant it should be returned to earth, of where it exitted. And the theories and belief continue. A lot it is said of the trefoil. But if there is something certain in this whole myth it is that until today's day, the trefoil of four sheets brings luck to who you/they market it. Transformed into amulet, in hanging, I band, pin and until self-adhesive, this plant enjoys a great popularity and it is used everywhere of the world.

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