Dwarfism or Achondroplasia

The increment comes defined by an increase estatural and ponderal: the boy when growing, gains weight and you increase your stature. Keeping in mind that in the man they are germane also the laws of the physics and of the chemistry, in the period of increment a prevalence of metabolic anabolic or constructive phenomena would exist, on the catabolic or destructive.

Conjointly with the increment, you take place the development or maturation. The adult not only differs of the boy for your different stature, but also for your morphology, physiology and psyche. With the increment they vary the proportions coeporales, they atrophy certain víceras or systems (I cheat, lymphatic system, etc.) and they grow and other organs enter in feature, as the sexual glánduilas that are petty in the childhood and they are totally inactive. The increment and entry in feature of the sexual glands take place in the puberty; but you should not forget that this is not nothing else that a phase of the increment and of the development. The esuqeleto and the musculature also suffer a very patent development in the path of the increment.

Usually, in the mature age, in the male, they are given like normal sizes the understood ones between 1,65 and 1,85 m. If the stature is understood between 1,45 and 1,65, you are spoken of hipocrecimiento and, when you are inferior to 1,45 m., you are spoken of dwarfism. The understood ones between 1,85 and 2 m. they are described as hipercrecimiento; and the higher ones to 2 m., of gigantismo.

In the feminine sex the figures are something inferior. The statures from 1,55 to 1,70 m. they are considered normal. In the feminine hipocrecimiento, the size is inferior to 1,55 m., and in the hiper increment, higher to 1,70 m. When you are inferior at 1,35 or higher at 1,85 we are respectively in front of a dwarfism or gigantismo.

As for the lawsuits of the dwarfism, we should name in the first place, the deficit of increment of lawsuit genetics. The inheritance weighs in great way on the size of the fellows.

It can also retard the increment the insufficient power supplys, so much quantitative as qualitatively. During the increment the anabolic (constructive) phenomena should prevail, on the catabolic (destructive) ones: the earnings should be higher to the forfeitures. Keeping in mind that the material constructive bñasico of the alive metria is the proteins, you are the protean deficit in the power supply the one that more rebounds on the increment. Among the insufficient power supplys the hipovitaminósicas should be included qualitatively; some infantile avitaminosis, as the rachitis, they give place to important hipocrecimiento.

Separate, the foods should be well digested and absorbed in the digestive system and they should arrive to the tissues and being taken advantage by the cells. You are also indispensable that the tissues don't suffer of anoxia that you/they usually breathe.

The illnesses endócrinas, I eat the infantile hipofuncionales of the lobe previous of the hypophysis and the hipotiroidismo for example, they also give place to the dwarfism.

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