Believe metallic sponges designed to absorb CO2

More and more advances go routed to the preservation of the environment and the deletion of the compound numbers gases of effect hothouse. You are the case of the following development, in which a team of scientific of USA has designed a new material able to capture the causing main gas of the climatic change, the dioxide of carbon (CO2).

You are about an organic metal, in form of micro-sponges that capture the gas to a temperature and a very high pressure. The idea is to use it in the future to capture the dioxide of carbon that you/they emit the power stations of charcoal or the vehicles, and this way to avoid the emission from the polluting gas to the atmosphere.

Of the several prototypes of sponges created by the scientists, the most efficient in them is able to absorb a quantity of CO2 83 times superior to your own volume.

To achieve these shrinkholes "atrapagases", baptized as ZIFs, they have united diverse metal types like the cobalt or the zinc with organic molecules. The main inducement is that once saturated these metallic sponges, they can "be downloaded" and they are already clever to use them again.

The developers assure that these new materials can help in many environments industrial and quotidian amitigar the efetos of this and other gases. This, clearing is, if finally was viable your commercialization.

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