Giant Toad that cohabited with the Dinosaurs

According to an article published in the scientific magazine Proceedings of National the Academy of Science, a group of paleontologists has discovered in Madagascar the fossil of a giant toad that measure 40,6 centimeters and you weigh 4,5 kilograms and that you lived about 70 ago
millions of years among the dinosaurs in África.

The toad, with a thick shell and with teeth, you were such an extraordinary amphibian that you would even putrefy book credit devoured to
newly born dinosaurs. This, you have made the paleontologists name it as diabolical" "toad. According to your discoverers, this amphibian belongs to the family of toads that he live nowadays in America of the South.

The fossils of the toad date of final of the Cretaceous period, on or about about 70 million years behind.

Currently, the biggest frog in the world is the one that are named Goliath, of western África that can end up measuring 32 centimeters and to weigh 3,3 kilograms.

With your features, the diabolical" "toad could be the biggest toad that have existed never, the paleontologists they affirm.

The discovery, also, would prove that you had to have existed some terrestrial connection with America of the South in that time, maybe through Antartic, then much hotter that today.

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