Frigidity - feminine Anerosia

You suit above all, to fix the meaning of the concept. We understand for frigidity the orgasm ullage in the woman during the normal coitus, that is to say vaginal and practiced with a heterosexual partner.

Non debit side to made a mistake the frigidity with the anafrodisia that are genitally the absolute ullage of libido in people developed, and it can be constitutional or induced by certain substances, such the camphor and your derivates. Likewise it is important to differentiate a relative frigidity, for example that of those women that you/they only reach the orgasm with the help of certain maneuvers: manipulation clitoridiana, stimulation of erogenous fields as the nipples, nape, area retroauricular, etc..

The most usual classification in the firgidez in the woman is the following one: the totally frigid women - auqellas that don't find neither pleasure neither excitation is in the coitus or in the loving game -, the relatively frigid women - able to achieve the orgasm but rarely and only when certain psychological conditions are completed -, and the passionate women - unable to satisfy your sexual necessities because during the loving preliminary and at once same game an imperious and insatiable necessity of enjoyment consumes them.

The frigidity is a very frequent dysfunction; the statistic figures are very variable and they oscillate between ten percent and fifty percent. Besides figures more or less accurate, the truly important thing is the repercussion that this dysfunction brings to the woman, so much inside the purely psychological órden as organic and functional.

The importance and repercussion inside the couple are considerable, and often it drives to a total failure of the same one, especially when the male doesn't possess the necessary preparedness to play your true part in the loving game, neither you feel bound to your couple for those loops psicoafectivos that supply with inducement when being expressed freely to the most perfect technique in many occasions.

You are fundamental that the man exact conscience of the difference gets paid between your sensations and those of your couple. The coitus in the woman is not only an act played on one hand of your body, the vagina; you are the sum from a series of phenomena, hormonal and psychic, to those that the man should lend the maximum carefulness, since when being completed the same ones it will be able to wake up in the woman the necessary climax to break the barrier of the frigidity.

Only in very strange occasions the lawsuits of frigidity in the woman are of organic type. Coitus that are painful for vaginismo, uterine prolapse, vaginal hardship, consistent to the troubleshooting of fissures happened in the childbirth, imperforate hymen, colpitis, vaginitis or other inflammatory local processes, among other; they can be at once lawsuit of nuisances of the coitus that he/she can and you should be corrected medically. Once achieved ésto and sposible that the frigidity persists, since both circumstances can associate but they don't go necessarily bound.

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