The sexual act - your structure

After the erotic game you arrives to the sexual concrete act. The signal to carry out the coitus is the increase of secretion that come mainly from an area located forthwith in the vaginal entry, and secondarily of the interior of the vagina. You are about a viscous and transparent secretion whose contextura varies. In some women, especially those that have not had childbirths and in the youths, you are a less dense secretion but you have the same constitution in general.

If you have gotten excited to the woman mediating caresses vulvares appropriately, you can perceive this secretion provided by the nature like a necessary lubricant clearly. This secretion, extends for the whole field. You flow of the glands of Bartolino, two petty glands located in the thickness of the big lips.

The interior of the vagina contains a similar secretion that ooze of the vaginal wall. This protects appropriately this walls, alleviating this way the irritation caused by the friction that will have to make the penis. This organ also segregates a similar substance so the lubrication doesn't only depend on the feminine organs. To complete a good lubrication, the man owes to extend this secretion with the finger on the clitoris and adjacent area since the openings of the glands of Bartolito they are in the inferior part of the same one.

While the woman is excited, the secretion flows contínuamente and in abundance. When you begin to calm down, the flow ceases immediately, the field dries off with great rapidéz and if you continues a continuous friction, a painful irritation will take place. You should not made a mistake this liquid with the general dampness that are constant in the genital interior and extraneous organs. These areas, contain mucous membranes that should stay wet to avoid the roughness and the dryness. Due to ésto, the genital area will be noted wet sometimes when playing it, but this dampness has a slight, watery consistency and you dry off forthwith with the friction, while the other one appears in much more quantity, increasing as you make it the excitation. This is apart from this a mucous secretion that continue flowing while the woman needs bonus.

Supposing that the woman is prepared for the sexual act, you are necessary to wonder for your immediate reaction, that is to say, how she responds to the coitus. The woman of erotic a lot of sensibility, doesn't require nuinguna stimulation clitórica in the path of the sexual properly this act. You experience this kind of a sustained orgasm and, almost from the moment in that the penis is inserted until the end of the required period for your satisfaction, you have a contínua pleasant sensation that gradually goes in increase culminating in satiety, fadings, sobs or in the incompetence of reiterating the sexual intercourse. The masculine orgasm, doesn't import when you take place, you raise forthwith those mentioned reactions. Of these reactions, the one that last more you are the satiety. According to the duration grade it continues to this reaction the fading. Not very far they sometimes follow the sobs so that you are the same woman the one that discontinue the realción all of a sudden with a violent and uncontrollable cry access that shake it completely and that you sometimes require some minutes of affectionate and tender comfort.

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