In the larynx the organ of the phonation is located, that is to say the vocal chords; but to be the road that follow the air to arrive until the lungs through the understood space among the two vocal chords (named glottis), they will also be two the predominant symptoms in the illnesses of this area: the disfonía (hoarseness) and the disnes (you asphyxiate).

The illnesses that affect laryngeal alórgano are: inflammations or laryngitis, malignant tumors and benign tumors.

You constitute the laryngitis the inflammation of the larynx, especially of the vocal chords. Your lawsuits are diverse, that is: infectious, as sequel of a pharyngitis or rinofaringitis; traumatic, to speak, to scream or to sing in excess (the conventional hoarseness of an exalted fan after witnessing a soccer game); labor, caused by toxic, powdery, noisy environments - where one should scream -; or for chemical, textile products, gases, etc.; and toxic, for example for excess of tobacco plant.

All laryngitis can be acute or chronicle. Among first o'clock, the most serious era formerly the diphtheria, today for almost missing fortune by means of the cautionary vaccination. Also in occasions they can being of tuberculous origin, in patients with pulmonary affection of this type.

In front of an acute laryngitis, the best treatment is the vocal rest, that is to say, to speak the minimum thing possible and whispering. The remainder of the treatment will indicate it the expert.

A special case of acute laryngitis, is in general the call laryngitis suffocating subglótica that show up in the children in a sharp way, preceded of a flu-like box, of an adenoditis, etc. The lamisma importance comes given by the estrechéz of the aforementioned glottis in the childhood, reason why the inflammatory process when diminishing the space of the step of the air, leads to a progressive box of asphyxia. Initially, you suit to calm to the petty one and not to alarm it, good ventilation of the room, to apply warm compresses in the neck and the ready health care.

As for the chronic laryngitis, all those elements should be deleted that can damage the vocal organ: tobacco plant, excesses in speaking, to screech, etc.; separate the guidelines that the doctor indicates.

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