Old-age - The Third Age

The maximum duration of the life in the mammalias is on or about the sextuple of the period of increment, that which mean in the man 120 years, since anatomically it is given had concluded the increment with the welding of the epíficis of the long bones of the extremities, fact that happen in the the 20 year-old man alredeor. But this is only the theoretical form of defining the maturity. The man generally dies for cancer or other illnesses.

All ésto takes to that different authors have your respective conclusions about the determination of the period of the old-age, but in all ways it is patent that you are not convenient to be axiomatic in this issue. The involución sometimes begins to ages very different, even for individuals subject to the same conditions of life, emotions, power supply, work, etc.
You have also been observed that in many families there is a predisposition to age prematurely and in other, on the contrary, the fenómenoss involutivos makes your appearance belatedly and they reach very advance ages.

They influence in the beginning of the old-age, apart from the incidence in the individual of certain pathologic processes, the interpretation that each person gives to the ageing, as well as the image that subjectively have of the ancianidad.

Excluded the childhood, the mortality that are relatively low among the youths, ascends slowly toward the groups means and you reach the summit between the 65 and the 75 years of age. On the contrary, in the underdeveloped countries, you are an enormous infant mortality and you are a fixed proportion of people that you/they die in each time unit and you give place to some much more smoothed mortality curves.

They are well many the autore that consider that the start of the phenomena of the senescencia has an etiologic take-off in the degenerative processes, of an organ, well of a system.

The alteration in the hormonal secretion of the glands endócrinas, especially your decrease, you have allowed to elaborate diverse hypothesis explaining the lawsuits of the ageing. This way, the atrophy of the sexual glands and the consistent ullage of hormonal secretion was interpreted like lawsuit of the senility.

You were a biologist and Russian surgeon, Voronoff, who at the beginning of the XX century, in a trip for Muslim countries observed the precocious old-age of the eunuchs and your death to early ages; you related these facts with the ablation of your testicles, you conceived the possibility from a therapy substitute inhertando genital glands coming from young primates to aged people, you achieved with it some successes that popularized your theories extraordinarily.
Later on it proceeded also to implant the gland thyroid and the hypophysis at the same time that the genital ones, with that which seemed to come closer more to remedy the bugs that accuse in the hormonal order the aged organism.
You are verified indeed in the senescencia a hipotiroidismo syndrome, with a decrease of the basal metabolism, dry and cold skin, accented sensibility to the cold, dilatory cerebración, memory leak, hypercholesterolemia, etc., that they translate a hipofunción of the thyroid with atrophy of the gland, returning the symptomatology with the implantation of fresh glandular tissue or with the management of the hormone.

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