Magicians - secrets and mysteries

Who is a magician? How does a magician develop your power? Is one born magician? Are the seers magicians? These and so many other polling ones, are very usual when hearing the word "magician" and ien of speaking to what refer to them. Answers to these so many ones wonder we will detail here.

Before anything else, we should know that the magicians are not born as such, but rather they are "made" and your to be possible builds little by little through the practice of the three alcoholatura forces that you/they govern the life: the will, the love and the wisdom. Who dominate these three energy fonts you will be a great magician. The fact that a magician is carried out, you presuppose that the same debit side to learn how to be it and that you should follow the one on the way to the life that to elect: the one of being magician that are not a work neither a mere understanding, by no means a discipline for talkative or opportunists.

The magic is therefore an art and the magician, an artist that he/she should learn how to be it, neither the seers neither the shamans on magicians. The same as in other disciplines, to be very gifted for the nature doesn't presuppose to know you swim ahead of time. The wisdom is acquired, you are won after a lot of practice and handover personnel staff.

To dominate the forces of the nature and properly human auqella, the magician has above all that to be connected with those you force you to incorporate them to itself and then, to learn how to apply them in concrete rituals. Basically, this learning consists on the domain of the power of the will, of the love and of the wisdom.

To dominate the will presupposes to develop a sensitive but in turn equilibrated legal capacity, as well as to learn how to dominate the mental powers. This is gotten practicing in a daily, progressive and continuous way, such financial years as the meditation, the concentration and the visual display. For that learning, you always leave of concrete and plain objects, to go advancing in a gradual way toward the domain of other complex objetosmás until arriving to the control of the natural and spiritual energy.

As we said, the magician should control, besides your will, the power of the love. This is fundamental because you are the most high energy that correspond to the mankind. Who dominate the power of the love you will have force on the dark energy and you will be able to vary them, for example, this supposes that the magician can heal an illness fíica, mental or spiritual, as well as to infuse your beneficent energy so that the rituals that it carry out are successful. The love is par excellence the positive force and to dominate her is to control the true power that govern our life.

All time that the magician, after dedicated a lot of time to the development of the two previous forces, already dominates the force of the will and of the love, you have to know how to apply them with wisdom and wisdom. This means many things different to different levels. Among other, you involve the knowledge of the lex naturale of the white magic, the power of each element (you dilute, air, fire and earth), as well as of the objects and substances that fall under your domain (gems, plants, etc.). But for mainly, the power of the wisdom consists in that the magician knows to contact with the higher forces that guide the universe, and to apply them in a positive, wise way and adjusted in each case or concrete ritual.

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