Erotic dreams - the most common symbols

Next, we will detail the symbols and the most common status that you/they appear in the dreams. They are striped for alphabetical órden to facilitate your readout.

You remember whenever the meaning that here give you, you are general, for that that, since all dream refers in particular to the life of a person, you should be reinterpreted according to the context peculiar of each individual.

Sexual act, to have relationships in the dream: When one dreams that you have a sexual act I get same or with another person, this event it should not be simplified in the carnal mere union. In fact these dreams involve the psychological union, the psychic integration with what the person that appear in the dream means for us at level incinsciente and in the actual life. On the other hand, he/she can also have, a compensatory commission. This way, a person that don't have sexual relationships habitually, usually dreams more often of them, like a form of downloading your libido. The important thing will be the way in which this relationship has place and if you take place or non satisfaction. The relationships with people of the same sex don't speak of the supposed ho9mosexualidad of the dreaming one, but of a bigger integration I get same, or, of the lump-sum appropriation of the person's features with which unite in the report onírico.

Criminal conversation: You could be index that the fellow is unsatisfied with the sexual life that take with your couple, as well as of pent-up desires that he cannot manifest or to carry out with her. If you are your couple who make the criminal conversation in the dream, this could manifest doubts on the own capacity to receive love or to produce desire in the other one.

Hair, hair or corporal body hair, your drop or increment: The hair simbioliza the vital force, the energy with which count the person and your specific, more spiritual or higher, or more sexual and more primitive meaning, should understand each other according to the type and the color of the hair. This way, the soft one and blonde represents the individual's spirituality, while the black abundant hair or the corporal body hair have bigger relationship with the most primitive or sexual aspects. To dream of the cut or the drop of the hair, therefore, you suppose a physical or spiritual aggression that the person suffers and you are index of forfeiture of vitality and energy.

Nakedness, to feel shame of being naked: Against what can seem, he/she doesn't have a meaning sexual intríncecamente. As they are the features of the nude in the dream, it can indicate a status of innocence, purity and even, of idefensión; or bienj, to have a more erotic character and lewd.

Teeth: They are very common in the dreams and nightmares in those that lose the teeth, have them slack or they are fallen. The teeth, the same as the hair, they represent the energy and the vitality, auqnue shows a sexual and aggressive bigger imposition that the hair. This fear is related with the fear to the castration of the sex organs or the forfeiture of sexual vitality in general. Also, indefensión since the teeth are a you arm primitive of attack.

Jealousies: The jealousies and the envy that can feel regarding somebody in the dreams, speak to each other of the sensation of debility of the dreaming one regarding the love that receive, and you are a signal of drop you deem and of insecurity in oneself.

To make love in public: To dream that one makes love in some public place, you indicate a strong necessity to express the sexuality. If such an act causes shame, it can be pointing out fear to that our sexual desires are known.

Impotence: You not only mean sexually fear to be incompetent, but rather a deeper and more general fear, the one of losing to be able to and vitality or energy.

Orgy: The fact of dreaming that one participates in an orgy, indicates that you are very dissenting with your sexual life and that this needs an important change. If one is in couple, you are index clear of dissatisfaction.

You punish: The meaning is opposed, as you are man or woman. If you are a man, you indicate doubts regarding your sexuality or conflicts in this aspect. If you are woman, on the contrary, you indicate a force and vitality sexual notables.

Nipple: Since the breasts are related with the maternity, if you are a man who dream of nipples, you will reflect the contact desire with the mother while if you are a woman, a possible pregnancy or eldeseo of being pregnant.

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