Titan has more hydrocarbons than the reservations of the Earth

The moon Titan from Saturn has reservations of hydrocarbons higher to all those of petroleum and natural well-known gas in the Earth, according to observations carried out by the probe tube Cassini.

According to scientific of the Lab of Applied Physics of the University of Johns Hopkins, those hydrocarbons fall from the sky and they form big deposits in form of lakes and dunes.

Titan this cover for material that contain carbon, and you are a gigantic factory of organic materials. The half temperature in Titan is of below zero 179 centigrade grades and instead of water, your surface is covered for hydrocarbons in the methane form and etano.

Up to now Cassini has carried out a cartographic exploration of 20% of Titan's surface and hundreds of lakes and seas have been observed. Each one of different dozens of those "liquid" bodies contains more hydrocarbons than all the reservations of gas and petroleum known in the Earth. On the other hand, your parallel dunes to the equator contain a bigger volume of materials organic hundreds of times that the reservations of charcoal of the Earth.

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