A SuperPC will allow to hear the sound of the black holes

Can somebody imagine the sound of a black hole? Gobbling and gobbling titanic quantities of matter and energy. Because that is what you/they have intended some physiques of the University of Siracusa, designing a superordenador that he/she will be able to detect and to identify the celestial sounds coming from the black holes.

This SuperPC has been baptized as SUGAR (YOUR Gravity and Relativity Cluster) and very soon he/she will begin to receive big quantities of data coming from Caltech. These data have been picked up during the last two years by the Observatory of Waves Gravitations (I TIE)

The assembling of SUGAR has been carried out by a group of physiques belonging to the I TIE, a world initiative that are about detecting waves gravitacionales. These waves gravitacionales are produced by violent events in the distant universe, as the collision of black holes or the explosion of supernovas. These waves spread for the universe to the speed of the light.

The construction of the detectors TIES you were ended in 2005, and they were installed in Hanford, Washington, and Livingston, in the state of Lousiana. After being finished, with an investment of 365 million dollars, they have been two years sampling them scientifically, and you are now when the analysis of the obtained data will begin.

You are expected that as much the superordenador as the high speed network are working throughout this month. Once the data are transferred to the University of Siracusa, the physiques will be able to begin to "hear" this cosmic" "symphony.

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