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Does all weigh a cloud?
Taking like base a heap (the cottony typical cloud of when you are good weather) of 1×1 × kilometers located 2 kilometers high.
Using the law of the ideal gases, the density of the dry air to that height is of 1,007 kg/m3, while that of the wet air is of 0,627 kg/m3, and keeping in mind that the quantity of wet air in a cloud is of on or about 0,9%, you are that the density of a cloud is of:
(99,1 × 1,007 kg/m3 + 0,9 × 0,627 kg/m3/100 = 1,003 kg/m3
With what our cloud of 1 cubic kilometer would weigh the gewgaw of kilograms, or, if you prefer it, something like that eats 1.003.000 tons.
Evidently, you are clouds with more and less contained of water and of very different sizes, so this calculation can vary a lot, but I would say that the idea is to stay with which the clouds weigh a heap, although they will never fall in the head because the wet air is less dense than the dry air.

How much CO2 the humanity simply emits every year breathing?
According to the medical spirometry measures, supposing that each person expires some 450 ml of CO2 per minute that means that CO2 taken place by the respiration is of about 400 ml per minute. Each gram of CO2 occupies a volume of about 556 ml, so to breathe is equal to eject 0,72 grams per minute. In one hour that is 43,2 grams; a total of 1 up-to-date kilogram and some 0,37 tons a year. As the world population we compose it about 6.500 million people, the total that we eject is of some 2,4 Gt (thousands of millions of tons) from CO2 to year. To comparison goods, the global emissions of other human (without counting to breathe) activities suppose some 27 Gt a year. Seen this way, the humans suppose ten percent of the total of emissions.

How many videotapes do they fit in Youtube?
All the videotapes of YouTube have an unique code to the style SIvp8xmvAyc. They are at random unique combinations of eleven letters and numbers that, of continuing this way, some day they would be overworked, as the business taxes. In How many videotapes do they fit in Youtube? they make a review to the beautiful world of the combinatorial one, the variances, exchanges and combinations, to calculate the exact answer:
That is about 73 quintillions, so there is not problem for the moment.

How many mailing boxs could they exist in Hotmail?
1 - we suppose that your address of Hotmail can have as minimum 4 characters and as maximum 12.
2 - the valid characters are the letters (26, since he/she doesn't differ between upper case and lower-cases), the numbers, the point, the hyphen and the low" "hyphen (total 39 characters)
3 - the first debit side to be a letter.
That means that the number of possible accounts is the following one:
For 4 characters: 1.542.294 = 26*39*39*39
For 5 characters: 60.149.466
For 6 characters: 2.345.829.174
For 7 characters: 91.487.337.786
For 8 characters: 3.568.006.173.654
For 9 characters:
For 10 characters: 5.426.937.390.127.734
For 11 characters: 211.650.558.214.981.626
For 12 characters: 8.254.371.770.384.283.414
Adding all the possibilities has: 8.471.592.
For those that are not familiarized with the mathematics, this number means "a lot, muchíiisimo"
Of how many objects can one think simultaneously?
Although we feel that we have visual rich tests, a team of investigators has found that the half person is only aware of on or about four objects in each instant. This ability, according to the investigators of the University of Oregon, varies from one to another person. As in the capacity of the system of the short run memory it seems to reside a fundamental aspect of the intelligence, the cognitive psychologists have been interested in determining what you produce the border of four objects for most of people.

How many megapixels do they have our eyes?
The number of "pixels" of (receivers) our retina is of 200 millions (130 million canes and 7 million cones). That is to say that each eye would have 200 megapixels. Is anything not bad, not? But now the problem comes: this whole information arrives to the brain for a cable, the optical ledge. But the fibers of this cable are only of a million, as much of million and half. That is to say that the brain only receives an image of 1 or 1,5 megapixels. An image a so much "poor person", since the digital normal chambers already have 3 or 4 megapixels.

How many people have they lived throughout the history?
Beginning with two only people toward the year 50.000 A.C. already in the year 1 of our era about 300 million people lived in the world. In 1650 the world population should already be of about 500 millions, although about 75 had died not very in the black pest of the XIV century. Toward 1800 the developments in agriculture and sanity duplicated the figure until the 1.000 millions and when entering in the XXI century we overcome the barrier of the 6.000 million people. According to these numbers, the factoide or myth that you are alive more people at the present time that people have lived in the whole history you are not sustained: historically they have lived more than 100.000 million people in the diverse eras, of which we are only alive right now a petty fraction, 6.000 millions nothing else.

How many letters are in internet?
The same question made Peter Norvig - research director of Google - during your conference about the power of the data that the company gathers in internet. And everything indicates that even that is investigated in Google, since the executive responded: in internet there are around 100 trillion letters.
According to Norvig, this figure is increased between 10% and 20% every month, although many of those letters go dying, with that which, the percent of increment could be pettier.
If we adjoined all those letters, we would have around 95 thousand million words that would fit in 7 DVDs. In general it doesn't pass of being a curious anecdote that don't only demonstrate up to where the investigation of Google arrives, but rather you evidence that although more and more the voice, the videotape and the images are imposed more in the network, the letters have left a long protagonism.

Does all charge the world chairmen?
The president from Ireland is the leader that more cobra monthly, with 22.834 euros, while one of the lowest wages is the one that the Hindu prime minister, Manmohan receives Singh that you grieve you arrive to the 650 euros. Not very more, 667 monthly euros, you are what Bolivian Evo perceives Morales that were lowered the salary 57% regarding what your predecessor got paid in the debit memorandum.
Hugo Chávez actual salary is a mystery, while Lula gives Silva you perceive 2.900 monthly euros in Brazil.
George Bush, according to the data that you/they appear published in the weekly publication L'Express, 22.784 euros every month. On the other hand, the German chancellor Angela Merkel arrives to the 21.262 euros, José Luis Rodríguez Shoemaker, enters in concept of salary 7.296 monthly euros.

How many is Tiranosaurios in a liter of naphtha?
The contained carbon in a Tiranosaurio is equivalent to the content of carbon that you are in 1.740 liters of naphtha.

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