Quantum Immortality and Suicide in Parallel World

This imaginary experiment of the quantum mechanics was developed by Max Tegmark, in 1997, in which seek to be distinguished between the Interpretation of Copenhagen and the Interpretation of Multiple Worlds, using a variance of the experiment of the Winch of Schrödinger. The variance that insert this experiment is the one of taking the point of view of the winch, inserting us inside the box.
The experiment is the following one:

A physique sits down in front of a you arm that point to your head. The weapon has a device that will work it, depending on the disintegrator of a radioactive atom. Every time that crowd together the trigger, the disintegrator, or not, of the particle it determines if the weapon is shot. According to the Interpretation of Copenhagen, the weapon will be shot possibly, there being 50% of possibilities that you make it, and that the physique dies. But, according to the Interpretation of Multiple Worlds, for each triggered, the Universe is divided in two; the physique will only die in 50% of the parallel worlds in those that the weapon is shot. In the other 50% of the worlds, the physique won't die. No matter how much you repeat the experiment, the weapon you won't be shot. What take to the idea of a Quantum Immortality.

A curiosity is that, the esquizofrénica daughter of Hugh Everett III, the designer of the Theory of Multiple Worlds, committed suicide leaving a note, in which were justified saying that you would go to a parallel Universe to be with your father that had already died behind fourteen years.

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