As you feel more thin

This is a method that requires no physical exercise strict y... either stop eating!

This is to make "caresses your belly." The fact that the massages in the abdomen helps the blood flow all over your body by making feel more thin in a few seconds. And if that were not enough, the typical relieve tensions that women have in this area because of stress or premenstrual tension.

A method for performing the massage is as follows: acuéstate face up with your knees bent, and imagine that your belly is a clock. The 12 mark just below the center of your ribs, and 6 between your pubic bone and navel. Keep the tips of your fingers together with your knuckles slightly separated. Press your fingertips and make small movements from side to side, meaning clockwise. When you arrive back at 12, MASSAGE the center of your belly.

Try to do this exercise twice a day, after lunch and at bedtime and watch you will feel not only thinner, but also your mood will be much more gratifying!

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