As lift the morale in your routine

Even in your busy days, you must spend a few minutes for you, so you feel much better and so you can face your day with a smile. Follow these ideas and in a moment you feel better!

Council No. 1: to taste
Do not be hasty with your morning beauty routine. You have to have breakfast with time, and while hydrate your skin, breathing slowly and deeply, relaxing your face. Dedication to your body time in the morning, is essential to feel good with you.

Council No. 2: for the vision
When you have that magazine bills or important papers in your work, or that apply to your own home, before watching a fashion magazine or a topic that interests you and has no link with the roles of which you speak; enjoy the pictures and glossy.

Council No. 3: to smell
When you have to wash your clothes, take a moment to feel the clean scent of soap and fabric softener, as well as the aroma that comes from the dryer when retires from there. You are much more than the clothes covering your body.

Council No. 4: to touch
Instead of getting wet so fast your hands and leave immediately for a public toilet or bathing your workplace, let the water from the tap is hot, shower your hands and massages slowly.

Council No. 5: to hearing
On the way to the office, listening topics that you love in your MP3. Enjoy your music during lunch or while having to leave the office for any reason.

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