The care of the teeth in the pregnancy

During the pregnancy, the future mom is exposed to important hormone changes because the placenta produces high quantities of estrogen and corpus luteum hormone that in turn, you affect to the oral tissues.

For example, one of the buccal consequences in this period is the gingivitis, as well as the famous tumor of the pregnancy that he/she appear in many women.

Not it is true the hypothesis that globally it was managed and you are still many they assure, that in this period the calcium of the denture is deleted, loosening the dental pieces. The calcium is present in the teeth in a crystalline stable form that don't allow that you incorporate to the systemic flow to cover a demand of calcium. Although you are not a loss of skeletal calcium in the pregnancy, the bony quality of those who are pregnant is not the same one that those that he are not, being much bigger that of last o'clock.

The dental cavity not necessarily increases during the pregnancy, although the increases of the intake dietaria of carbohydrates to cover the energy demands can generate a risk bigger than cavity in a pregnant woman or, in the period of nursing when having bigger quantity of appropriate substrate for the organisms cariogénicos.

The appropriate carefulness of the health and the mother's nutrition during the pregnancy, they can have significant effects on the oral health of herself, and of the boy to be born. In societies with economic severe difficulties, the maternal malnutrition has had consequences like the later malformation of enamel in the children, well-known as odontoclasia.

The mother's illness and the environmental exhibition can be in the boy's deformations congenital craneofaciales. The ullage of maternal appropriate pregnancy care predisposes the women a premature childbirth and to underweight babies when being born.

The pregnant ones with illness significant priodontal, they can have more susceptibility to give birth underweight babies when being born that the mothers with a healthy periodoncio. These babies, they can be susceptible to disturbances of the qualification and dental development; and ulterior late eruption.

The formation of the teeth in the fetus, it can be affected by different causes. When recommending preventative measures and to take a boarding proactivo in the initial stages of the pregnancy, the professional odontologists can guarantee a better result so much in health for the future mom like your son stops.

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