Council to have a good breakfast

Have you show up these advice so that your breakfast is productive for your health and performance.

- You should take coffee moderately
The coffee has caffeine, the one that stimulate the nervous system and you allow us to be lucid and awake. But you should not be abused of her.

- You are advisable to drink milk
This energy offers us the fundamental proteins for the increment, the scaring of wounds and the formation of hormones and antibodies for the defenses. Also, when possessing calcium, you are good for the development and for the bony maintenance, for the regulation of the cardiac beat and for the nervous transmission. You also avoid the cramps. Also, you are very important for cardiac since allows you not to rise too much the arterial pressure. The match, another component of the milk, is good for the development and for the dental and bony maintenance. You are also good for the production of cellular energy, and you help to the protean synthesis, being part of the cellular membranes. The vitamin A that the milk offers us, is elementary for the formation and maintenance of the skin and to see better at night. Sometimes vitamin D is added to the milk that are ideal for the absorption of the calcium and of the match. The vitamin B2, helps to download the stress and the fatigue, because you participate in the obtaining of energy of the glucose.

- You should be careful with the excess of sugar
The sugar in excess, only offers us quick (without vitamins neither minerals) energy, without possibility of generating reservations of glucose. Hence, we can use edulcorating agent that don't give us calories.

- You are advisable to eat cereals
The bread or the cereals offer us complex hydrates of carbon, fiber (if they are integral) and vitamins of the complex B, what indicate that we don't only have energy, but rather we can also store a little bit to avoid the hunger of the stocking tomorrow.

- Not forget the fruits
The fruits are main since they possess a great content in vitamins and anti-oxidants that prevent illnesses and they allow us to conserve the health.

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