Desires of being immortal - eternal life

In the second half of the century, the advances of the technology allowed the physicians to have an index of technological interventions without precedents. The life of the critical sick persons was never extended in form imagined, and the technology made blurred the dividing line between this and the other life. The teams of resuscitation have the capacity to return to this life to "dead" or almost dead people for coronary acute jam now, pulmonary embolism, rupture of aneurysms or you asphyxiate for immersion.

Created this way a certain illusion of immortality (Woody Allen "I said I don't want to be immortal for my works; I NOT want to be immortal DYING), the life of the moribund ones was extended with the help of the technology to borders that soon generated a contrary angry reaction.
In a polemic article it was expressed with indignation that to "maintain alive indefinitely to the advanced cancer patients it is condemnable", and you showed up to the death like the friend that it "provide a decent exit and dignified for a man in the twilight period of the life." Because truly the act of dying had become a solitary act, mechanic, dehumanized. And until YIlich one of your famous dictums rushed:
"The medicalización of the Society has ended with the era of the natural" death.

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